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Quick-Start Market Development Program

SKYHAWK's Quick-Start program is designed to guide a company into position to quickly take advantage of new opportunities in the marketplace. The program incorporates market penetrating research, a wide range of digital media services, public relations efforts, direct work/access with trade media outlets and proactive direct prospect/customer development.

SKYHAWK's Quick-Start Market Development Program has been developed and honed over the past ten years, and has consistently shown measurable results within the first six months. The Quick-Start program is offered in two levels: Standard and Hi-Impact. Both formats use the same tools, different frequencies and intensities, depending on a company's needs.

Tools of SKYHAWK's Quick-Start Market Development Program

Research and Analysis Publicity and PR Electronic Media Direct Prospect/Customer Development
Client Consultation
Skyhawk spends the time to understand its client's business and, in turn, takes the time to share its knowledge with its clients.
Create database of relevant trade magazines & contacts
Skyhawk's key personnel have decades of experience working in the trade publishing industry. Our experience can help your company get your message to the right people at the right publications.
Social Media
Businesses are seeking to develop a better presence in the social media world. But keeping up with the relevant sites to ensure your company on topic is a job that Skyhawk manages for your company.
e-newsbriefs & e-newsletters
Getting targeted information to your client base, as well as prospects, through electronic delivery is an excellent way to cost-effectively get your company's message out. Our staff already has significant success designing, building, writing and sending electronic newsletters in a host of industries.
Demographic analysis of customer base
Through a multipoint matching program, a client's customer database is segmented by SIC code, size, and geographic location.
News Release Development
Skyhawk's experience provides a crafted news release with the greatest success of actually being published with the message most beneficial to the client.
Website Content Enhancement
Your company's Website needs content updating? Skyhawk's staff can prepare content that's fresh and timely. If a redesign or company logo is required, Skyhawk can offer that as well.
Direct mail
Direct mail is used to reach prospects, create awareness, begin to build brand and be a bridge between prospect and customer status.
Identify core competencies and competitive advantages
This process separates the client from its competition and is instrumental in prospect qualification.
Case history and success story development
A highly effective method to convey the benefits of your products and services. Skyhawk crafts the content that gets the most impact and exposure. In addition to trade magazine placement, these stories can also be used in print and electronic sales collateral.
Tele-Research is a very powerful process that uses research methodology to reveal a prospect's needs, buying influences and budgetary timetable.
Identify and create a prospect database
With the client analysis complete, Skyhawk compiles a prospect database most like the client's, representing the greatest probability of success.

SKYHAWK's program is designed to energize a company's neglected or sagging market development. Contact SKYHAWK today to give your company's market and sales development a quick and effective boost. Pricing is surprising low. Click here to get a fast quote on the Standard or Hi-Impact Program.